Thurman Café

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183 Thurman Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43206
  • (614) 443-1570
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When you’re craving a burger, look no further than Thurman Café in Columbus’ German Village, whose Thurmanator (two 12-ounce burgers topped with ham, bacon and all of the fixings) attracted Adam Richman of The Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food.” The quirky restaurant has also been featured on "101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown.”

Pleasing hungry patrons since 1942, Thurman Café is best known for its monstrous burgers, sandwiches and Coney Island hot dogs. It’s always packed, so get a Columbus history lesson while you wait by checking out the memorabilia sprinkled throughout Thurman’s tiny space.

Photos courtesy of Yelp and Yelp users Valissa W. and Brooke R.